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Community Resources


Franklin Interfaith Council

Franklin Interfaith Council represents faith communities in the town of Franklin, Massachusetts. They address the various needs of its community by recognizing the power of faith as defined by the individual spiritual traditions of its member organizations. (Learn More)


Franklin Food Pantry

Franklin Food Pantry provides assistance & food to individuals & families in need to improve their life through nutritious food & support. (Learn More)


Energize Franklin

Energize Franklin is a project of the 350Mass Greater Franklin node and a nonprofit organization running on the Mass Energize platform. Both are committed to supporting climate action and moving away from burning fossil fuels. (Learn More)


One Franklin

One Franklin is a group of engaged citizens who are working with elected leaders to pass a tax override to solve Franklin's budget crisis. (Learn More)


Dean College

Dean College is perfectly situated near downtown Franklin, MA, where it has been a part of the town’s fabric for over 155 years. Our location allows the Dean Community quick walking access to a train station, downtown shops and restaurants, with enough privacy to provide the perfect college experience. (Learn More)


Franklin Freedom Team

Franklin Freedom Team is reactive, proactive and retroactive in assessing and addressing hate and bias in the town of Franklin. The team also is committed to exploring ways of offering dialogue and support to individuals and the entire community with a goal of promoting love, inclusion and trust (“LIT”).(Learn More)

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Franklin Housing Authority

Franklin Housing Authority manages 161 units of State Aided Elderly/Disabled Housing, 33 units of low income Family Housing, an 8-unit Group Home, a 4-bedroom congregate facility, and 2 single-family homes in Franklin. They are committed to providing a range of safe, secure, suitable and affordable housing opportunities to low income family, elderly and disabled households in a fair manner. (Learn More)

Abundant Housing Massachusetts Logo

Abundant Housing MA

Abundant Housing MA stands for abundant housing for all in communities across Massachusetts. They drive policy at the state and local level by identifying pro-housing changemakers, building the power of local organizers, and connecting a statewide network. (Learn More)

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Strong Towns

Strong Towns seeks to replace America’s post-war pattern of development, the Suburban Experiment, with a pattern of development that is financially strong and resilient. They advocate for cities of all sizes to be safe, livable, and inviting. They work to elevate local government to be the highest level of collaboration for people working together in a place, not merely the lowest level in a hierarchy of governments. (Learn More)

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Franklin Downtown Partnership

Franklin Downtown Partnership sees Franklin’s downtown as the heart of the community: a center of civic and cultural activities, government services, commercial businesses, and diversified housing. All of the Partnership’s activities are designed to foster greater vitality in the downtown commercial district and to serve as a vehicle for public policy discourse. (Learn More)

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Mass211 is a free and confidential service that connects callers to information about critical health and human services available in their community. Whether you need help with food, housing, utilities, childcare, or any other challenge, Mass211 can help you find the best options for your situation. If you live in Franklin, MA, you can dial 2-1-1 or visit to get connected to local resources and assistance. (Learn More)



CHAMP (Common Housing Application for Massachusetts Programs) is an online platform that allows Franklin residents to apply for state-aided subsidized housing, such as the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP), the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP), and State-Aided Public Housing12. By using CHAMP, you can submit one application to multiple housing agencies, update your information online, and check your application status anytime1. CHAMP can help you find affordable and accessible housing options that suit your needs and preferences. To apply or learn more, visit CHAMP website or contact the Franklin Public Housing Authority (Learn More) logo is a free online platform that connects renters, landlords, and housing agencies in the United States. It helps Franklin residents find and apply for affordable housing options, including Section 8 vouchers and state rental assistance programs. With, you can access the largest source of affordable housing listings, online applications, waiting lists, and more. (Learn More)

MassLegalHelp Logo


MassLegalHelp is a website that provides legal information and resources for low-income residents of Massachusetts. It covers topics such as housing, eviction, foreclosure, domestic violence, immigration, and more. MassLegalHelp can help people with housing issues in Franklin MA by explaining their rights, offering self-help tools, and connecting them with legal aid programs in their area. (Learn More)

CHAPA logo

Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA)

CHAPA, or Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association, is a nonprofit organization that advocates for affordable housing and community development in Massachusetts. It works with various stakeholders, such as developers, municipalities, tenants, and homeowners, to find equitable solutions to the state’s housing challenges. (Learn More)

rail trail

The Southern New England Trunkline Trail

The Southern New England Trunkline Trail (SNETT) is a 22-mile, multi-use, recreational path, running from Grove Street in Franklin to the Connecticut state line in Douglas. This relatively flat trail provides a safe, ever-expanding area for year-round activities for people of all ages and abilities. (Learn More)

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